About Us

Drawing upon its ancient Japanese heritage, Nisaku designs and creates

professional-grade horticultural and DIY tools to make your tiresome tasks

easier than ever. Crafted from Japan’s master blade craftsmen, hand-forged

from the finest Japanese stainless steel, these handy additions to your arsenal

of tools are designed to last a lifetime.






 Tackle indoor and outdoor jobs, big and small, with rugged, specialty tools

for lawn, garden, kitchen, and home improvement applications that outlast

and outclass ordinary implements.


Professional grade, precision-milled home + garden tools, hand-forged

according to Old World tradition by Japan’s master blade craftsmen.

Only the finest can bring out your best. State-of-the-art, precision yard +

garden tools meets artisanal, old-world style craftsmanship with Nisaku,

distributed exclusively by Sun Joe.