Nisaku KUSANUKIGAMA Saw Tooth Sickle, 4.25-Inch Blade


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The Nisaku Kusanukikama is very sharp with a dual edged blade that excels at cutting thick shrubbery and grasses. 


  • Ideal for cutting weeds, grasses, thick vines and ivy
  • Efficient design with an ergonomic handle  ensures comfortable, all day-digging
  • Curved, stainless steel blade has a serrated base with large, saw tooth tip
  • Blade Size: 4.25 inches; Handle Size: plastic, 5 inches
  • Made in Japan. Authentic Nisaku/Tomita Manufacturing. Exclusively Distributed by Snow Joe, LLC


Nisaku manufactures professional quality hand tools for lawn, garden, kitchen and outdoor applications with unmatched design and function.

Each piece is forged by master blade craftsmen with the highest grade Japanese stainless steel for durability, precision and control that withstands intense use and harsh conditions.